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We are a System Integrator and Solution Provider specialized in research and development, network architecture and infrastructure for immersive technologies into next-gen imaging, AV production, OTT, social platforms and satellite networks.  
Today, in the true spirit of creative innovation, the Undercurrent Labs team have dedicated themselves to providing the bleeding edge in virtualized imagery and immersive sound solutions for Social and cinematic VR, web, mobile, and interactive media. Always one-step ahead of the crowd, we'd love to talk to you about your project that sure to put a dent in the universe.
Undercurrent Labs is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audiovisual immersion and user interaction. We are situated in metro Atlanta and have dived deep and stayed on the crest of advancements in digital technology and innovative sound, collaborating with creators and technologists alike to solve fundamental challenges and branch out into emerging fields to help enrich the user experience.   
Undercurrent Lab additionally connects premium content and content partners with consulting, production and video platform services and operations to create winning monitization strategies and revenue opportunities.
Why we exist
We deliver intelligent consulting, integrated video solutions and operations that improve quality, efficiency and collaboration among enterprise partners focused on leveraging their brand, content and advertising on the explosive growth of mobile video, Smart TV and other emerging IP platforms.  We are a trusted partner focused on driving innovation, sales and bottom line performance.
Our Values
  • We believe teamwork produces the best results
  • We build trust through integrity, communication, and collaboration
  • We focus on winning strategies that deliver innovation and continuous improvement
  • We seek to be regarded for our work ethic, positive energy, and extraordinary service
Our mission at Undercurrent Labs is focussed on streaming new immersive, meaningful and collaborative experiences in music, film, art and culture.  Creators are the soul of the music and entertainment business, without them we do not have the music experience. Most technology companies treat music as another consumer item, a disconnected piece of content, but we need to know the context that the music was created -the the story, the creator and the spaces the music came to be to create an experience that deserves to be shared.
There’s no substitute for being there experiencing it live, but we strive to provide the nearest best experience through our unique immersive virtualized video stream platform, capture and archiving services.
Undercurrent will host event, and deliver leads to client following presentation. Clients will also receive social enabled segments from show (links to full recording, video blogs, video clips, plus teaser), suitable for use on websites, outposts and social channels.

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man-userJoseph Saulter AA,BA,MA,Ph.D

Urban Gaming/ Jam Workshops/ TVOne
"Undercurrent Labs represents a rare synergy of creative and technical innovation with a deep understanding of Quality of Experience applied to interactive and immersive media."

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