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It all started from an inspirational moment while on facebook;

It was back in January, thinkin' about how happy I was to make it to a new year and I let my fingers and thoughts run..."The new year stands before us, like a stage in a concert hall, waiting for us to perform and fill it with sound. We can play our part and share in the soundtrack of life by setting goals. One of my goals this year is to make a new song each week that will be a catalyst for collaboration, artistic integrity and community."   Apparently, one of those rare moments in the vibe, I was on a roll and wasn't done yet, and the post got frightfully longer...


"I encourage you to make New Year's goals - pause and listen within to discover what you'd like to manifest in your life. Tap what truly makes you wake up and see a new day. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come."


There it was...I hit the post button.  There, I said what was on my mind...just hope my spelling was too atrocious!  But then when I came back to facebook later that afternoon, I noticed it struck a chord with some of my facebook friends, and I thought "nice", a few people are taking notice, but it began to snowball from there.  I started to think perhaps I can collaborate and do something to keep this from being dumped in the heap of bygone New Years resolutions?  I thought to myself, I must be crazy, I'm going to need some help from more than a few musical friends to pull this off.


Then one of my good friends and writing buddies told me, "I think this is bigger..so much so it has to be a spiritual thing",  what she said, just felt spot on.  I just need to have faith and put thought into action, and take one day at a time...or should I say one week at a time!  Next weeks post....What is 52 Weeks Music? 52WM 

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